Our Environmental Journey-“I cannot change the world, but I can certainly change my actions”

Our environmental journey has been a lifelong evolution, shaped by the ebb and flow of the sea along North Clare’s Atlantic coast to the bustling waters of Dublin Bay. From my youthful days immersed in recreational activities like swimming and scuba diving to the later years where the sea became our livelihood through commercial fishing ventures, the ocean has always held a central place in my life.

Rooted in familial ties and a deep respect for the marine environment, our journey took a pivotal turn in the early nineties. An eye-opening encounter with the esteemed naturalist John Murphy from Birdwatch Ireland illuminated the detrimental effects of our fishing practices on bird species such as Puffins, Guillemots, and Razorbills. Coupled with the alarming decline in salmon stocks, this revelation propelled us towards a new horizon – one of marine tourism.

With a commitment to sustainability at its core, our transition to marine tourism was more than a mere change in occupation. It marked a shift from being hunters of the sea to becoming stewards, aligned with the principles of conservation and responsible tourism. Embracing the ethos of organizations like the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark and the Burren EcoTourism Network, we embarked on a journey of adaptation and learning.

Today, our tourism operations in Dublin operate within the UNESCO-designated Dublin Bay Biosphere, serving as a platform to share the knowledge we’ve amassed with our passengers and crew. As we crafted our climate policy for Dublin Bay Cruises, amidst a sea of buzzwords like sustainability and decarbonization, we found resonance in a simple yet profound phrase: “Our Environmental Journey.”

This title encapsulates our trajectory – a testament to our commitment to progress, genuine change, and responsibility. In a world where greenwashing is rampant, “Our Environmental Journey” serves as a beacon of authenticity, guiding our actions towards positive impacts for our colleagues, passengers, and the marine ecosystems we hold dear.

As UNCTAD Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan eloquently stated, let us trade in a way that enriches our forests, revitalizes our oceans, and purifies our air. In the subsequent sections, we outline the concrete actions we’ve undertaken in collaboration with various stakeholders – from semi-state and municipal authorities to NGOs and private enterprises – demonstrating our ongoing dedication to fostering a more sustainable business within our community and region.


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