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Join us on board the St. Bridget and experience Dublin’s beautiful bay like never before. Sit back, relax and even enjoy a drink from our onboard bar as you sail on one of our 7 routes. 

Revel in the diverse landscapes, where cityscapes give way to the calming embrace of coastal wonders, creating a truly harmonious and memorable voyage for all. Set sail with us for an unforgettable journey along the River Liffey and Dublin Bay. Explore the city’s historic treasures, bask in breathtaking scenic views, and immerse yourself in the thrill of discovery. 

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Highlights of Your
Unforgettable Voyage 

Scenic Sea Exploration

Sail through the newly developed Docklands, witness the iconic Samuel Beckett Bridge in its harp-shaped glory, and marvel at the historical maritime wonders like the Diving Bell.  

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Experience the dynamic East Link Bridge opening to allow passage, catch a glimpse of Dublin Port in action with its colossal ships, and bask in the maritime splendour of Poolbeg Lighthouse

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Historical Marvels
on the Horizon

Admire the engineering prowess of the North Bull Wall designed by Captain Bligh of the Bounty fame, and marvel at the coastal guardians, the Martello Towers of Dalkey, The Maritime Jewel of Dun Laoghaire and the captivating Island of Ireland’s Eye. 

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Breathtaking Coastal Views

Reach the majestic Howth Head, home to the iconic Baily Lighthouse, and be captivated by the awe-inspiring Howth Cliffs. Immerse yourself in the panoramic views over Dublin Bay.

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Culinary Delight in Howth

Indulge in a delectable Howth Fish and Chips meal in one of the Wright Groups renowned restaurants, savouring the flavours of the sea in this charming fishing village.

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Howth Hill Exploration

Take a leisurely stroll on Howth Hill, allowing the breathtaking views to unfold as you overlook Dublin Bay, adding an extra layer of serenity to your adventure.

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Seamless Return to the City

Complete your Dublin Bay Loop adventure at your own pace by catching the next swift train back to the city or Dun Laoghaire, departing every 20 minutes

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